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It Takes A Family LLC (ITAF) is derived from an ancient African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child,” which teaches the eternal truth that no man, woman, family, or community is an island. ITAF believes in approaching mental health holistically, knowing that a collaborative effort with the community empowers families to raise children who have the potential to build a better and brighter society.

It is with this approach that we believe targeted interventions for individuals, couples and families encourages overall health and wellness providing insight into healthy intrapersonal relationships, establishes healthy dynamics for interpersonal relationships and forges functional interdependent relationships.

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Our StoryHow We Started

It Takes A Family (ITAF) is an innovative grassroots organization that is dedicated to providing quality services. Our model is based upon a continuum of care philosophy which helps clients move from one level of care to the next as needed to generate sound mental health.