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It Takes A Family (ITAF) is an innovative grassroots organization that is dedicated to providing quality services. Our model is based upon a continuum of care philosophy which helps clients move from one level of care to the next as needed to generate sound therapeutic mental and behavioral health. ITAF is a team of seasoned professionals who not only can boast of credentials, but numerous years of training in the field, working directly with clients and families in various settings to promote a healthy state of mind. It Takes A Family’s clinical team consists of several areas of expertise and different levels of highly credentialed staff to include Medical Doctors, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Social Workers, and Professional Counselors who collectively utilize professional proficiency to provide excellent services to the clients we serve. Collaboration is the keyword to the way we deliver services.

Our Mission

To employ a holistic perspective in serving individuals, families and communities. ITAF advocates for a partnership between clients and therapeutic professionals. We strongly believe in serving our clients and their circle of influence, knowing that individuals are better equipped when anchored in a cohesive support system; consequently, the passion to serve a diverse population individually, collectively and the reason for the name, It Takes A Family!

Our Vision

We believe that our minds are where all life functioning comes from; it has to be fully centered and properly aligned to regulate effective physiology and execute daily life routine interactions from the mundane to the interpersonal as well as intrapersonal relationships.

We believe in the power of technology to aid in effective personalized interventions. We are hopeful and excited about current research that will help in diagnostic tools to gain insight as well as repair the interaction between the brain, mind, and corresponding behaviors.

We believe that the value in a balanced mind leads to overall balanced life.

Our Commitment

We commit to being a part as well as contributors to all things, mind and mental health, in any way that the community will have us, as long as it’s leading to the growth of targeted solutions to change in behaviors that lead to functional minds, and therefore productive lives.

Connect with Us

Do not hesitate to send us your message if you have further questions and concerns. We will be more than glad to assist you.