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It Takes a Family (ITAF) is an innovative grassroots organization dedicated to providing quality mental health services. Our model is based on a continuum of care philosophy which enables clients to move from one level of care to the next as needed to generate sound mental and behavioral health.

Mental health issues untreated as well as extrinsic life stressors may escalate and require intervention over time. Mental health interventions can assist individuals, children, and families through everyday life stressors, social stress, family stressors, relationship stressors, tragedy, trauma, or through any underlying untreated psychiatric disorder. Ideally, a therapist is responsible for assisting clients to identify these stressors while providing coping skills and aligning with their clients to support them through triggers and generate targeted intervention.

Our mental health intervention team consist of different specialist including a Licensed Therapist, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrist, and Psychologist. The overall goal is to assist in interventions before circumstances or stressors lead to crisis. We practice several eclectic evidence-based interventions to assist our clients such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and play therapy to mention a few. We believe in an intervention that is goal-oriented and supports clients’ in learning the principles of behavioral change, which they can direct towards a positive clinical outcome.

To fulfill our premise, we offer services to adults, children, and families, through different platforms as listed below:

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