Partnership with CSOC
DCF’s Children’s System of Care (CSOC), formerly the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services, serves children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral health care challenges and their families; children with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families; and, children with substance use challenges and their families. CSOC provides services to youth under 21 years of age in a family-centered, community-based environment. CSOC contracts with the Contracted System Administrator (Perform care). It Takes A Family partners with CSOC through Perform care as an Intensive In-home Counseling /Behavioral Assistant – IIC/BA provider where we provide Needs Assessment, Mentoring, Intensive In-home Counseling (IIC), and Behavioral Assistance (BA).

Referrals can be made directly through Perform care at 1-877-652-7624. Perform care navigates all referrals directly, and forwards to UCM- Unified Care Management OR CMO- Care Management Organization or MRSS- Mobile Response Stabilization and Services based on the level of care required. Perform care forwards the request for a needs assessment to determine the level of care required for children and their families.

Needs Assessment – A Needs Assessment is a tool used by a Clinician to complete a biopsychosocial assessment which is completed in the child’s home environment to determine an appropriate diagnosis and level of care in which each child should begin to receive treatment. The clinician usually identifies whether therapy should be intensified and refers the client to a Care Management Organization or assesses that the youth can be treated in less intensified settings such as outpatient mental health or behavioral clinics. The assessment is completed by a clinical licensed therapist.

Intensive In-home Counseling – IIC is the acronym for Intensive In-home Counseling which is a service that provides community-based, short-term, focused therapeutic interventions for youth experiencing behavioral issues or mental health concerns. IIC is designed to support youth with moderate and complex needs as well as their families in stabilization, skill development, and community connection through individual and family therapy.

Behavioral Assistant – BA’s are assigned by the Care Management Organizations to provide services to children in the home who are having difficulty with behavioral concerns. The BA’s role is usually in conjunction with clinical intervention provided by the clinician providing therapeutic services. The BA using behavioral interventions provided by Clinicians is provided more time to apply a hands-on behavioral approach with the allocation of additional time in a detailed one on one setting with youth. Both the Clinician and BA work together to provide intervention to youth and family collectively in the home

Mentoring – A mentor is an additional service provided by the CMO to assist youth with behavioral issues or mental health issues. A mentor is most effective when he or she understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, and tuned in to the needs of the youth. A mentor is to work along with the clinician and the BA to provide one on one services for the youth. A mentor should provide emotional support, guidance, and act as a role model for the youth. The mentor usually has the most one on one time with the youth and should help youth with the exploration of goals as it aligns with the youth’s clinical interventions while assisting and providing support for youth and family.

Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluations – Services provided for children and families at home through:

  • Mobile Response
  • Care Management Organizations

Telehealth Services – currently providing all services in all telehealth platform.

In-Office Therapy – Individual or Family (Group) This session takes place in an in home or in an office setting. This session can be in individual or in group/family sessions. These sessions can only be conducted by LCSW, LPC, LMFT. Counseling sessions are scheduled every week.